Wireless devices and their impact on health – new research

New research shows that radio frequency (RF) emissions from wireless devices are linked to a number of health conditions and diseases, such as cancer. 

The authors of the article “Oxidative mechanisms of biological activity of low-intensity radio radiation” published in Electromagnetic Biology & Medicine reviewed the scientific literature and concluded that low-intensity RF produces biological effects in living cells at the molecular level.

The conclusions of these studies are as follows: “The analysis of contemporary data on the biological effects of low-intensity radiofrequency radiation (RFR) leads to the reasonable conclusion that this physical factor is a strong oxidative stressor for living cells. RFR constitutes a potential risk for human health.

We recommend limiting the intensity and time spent in RFR environments and taking precautions regarding wireless technology in everyday life.”

According to the study’s summary: “…of the 100 currently available studies on the oxidative effects of low-intensity RFRs, 93 support that  RFRs cause oxidative effects in biological organisms.”

Examples of theses confirming the above: “A new condition, so-called electrohypersensitivity, which affects patients exposed to RFR, has been described… This disorder is constantly growing… (and) currently affects at least 9-11 percent of the population of Europe…”

“In recent years, many epidemiological studies have shown a significant increase in the occurrence of various types of tumors in regular … mobile phone users…”

The results of this new research contradict the telecommunications industry’s claims that RF emissions are “safe” as long as they do not violate guidelines based on the threshold of observability of thermal effects in biological tissues.

The effects studied for this article were low-intensity RF emissions that were well below these guidelines.

(Source: SmartGridAwareness.org, August 1 , 2015, http://tinyurl.com/qcauopz) http://tinyurl.com/qcauopz)

(NEXUS, No. 2 (106) MARCH – APRIL 2016)

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