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Most people do not see any relationship between the environment and their health. Meanwhile, the civilization of the twentieth century introduced many changes in our environment, cutting us off faster and more effectively from nature.

We spend almost half of our lives in artificial light, watching the sun from behind airtight windows in soundproof buildings. Our bodies are more and more often covered with materials that are foreign to nature. Flats and offices are decorated with artificial plants, wallpapers, paneling, furniture, and panels, from which synthetic paints and adhesives escape into the air. In addition, we cannot live without cars, telephones, radios, TV sets, and computers.
We can’t deny that technology has made our everyday life easier, but in your own home, it is worth taking care of restoring natural harmony – reviving the water so that it supports our body, and cleaning the space of electrosmog for well-being, calm sleep, and regeneration.

Thanks to the living water, you will eliminate the amount of microplastic that reaches your body. By using AQUA VITA life with the basic water filter, you can drink water directly from the tap. Its taste and properties are equal to that of spring water! You will also notice an improvement in the quality of your cooked food. Using our vitalizer results in decreased demand for detergents. Your house plants will grow healthily – free from infections and fungi. By protecting your home interior from electrosmog through the use of the VITA Tronic harmonizer, you will prevent disturbance of immunity and cognitive functions of the brain. Protect yourself and your loved ones! If the car is your second home, invest in MINI CAR VITA Tronic, which will protect you from chronic fatigue on the road. Health is at your fingertips – start with water and the space around you!

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Living water stimulates the entire body, boosts the immune system, and nourishes every cell in the whole organism. Life depends on water – it is worth taking care of its highest quality. The AQUA VITA life water vitalizer is easy to install and does not require the intervention of specialists. You can install it yourself in your home and enjoy the wonderfully nourishing water in your tap! You will see a significant improvement in the condition of the entire body, hair, and skin.


Electromagnetic smog impairs the cognitive abilities of children. Being that close to many devices, it is difficult to protect yourself from invisible waves. The VITA Tronic harmonizer cleans the field, reduces electromagnetic smog, and restores a sense of harmony in the room. Rest fully and ensure the safety of your loved ones – you can choose the model that is right for you – from the smallest to VITA Tronic XXL with a range of operation up to 1 kilometer.


Do you know how many tons of microplastics lie at the bottom of the oceans? Join our mission and reduce the consumption of plastics with us! Designed specifically for AQUAcell, the temperature-resistant glass bottle is the perfect alternative to plastic bottles. Enjoy the taste of water, take care of the planet and appreciate the comfort. The designer of the bottle took care of its functionality – a comfortable mouthpiece and seal ensure the comfort of use! The bottle is 100% leakproof.

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Use AQUA VITA life water vitalizer and enjoy fresh, healthy and living water running from your tap! Reduce the consumption of plastic and detergents, and ensure health and immunity for your family.

VITA Tronic harmonizer neutralizes harmful electromagnetic radiation. Solve your problems with sleep. Reduce fatigue and boost immunity.

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