Harmony in your body and in your surroundings


Water is over 60% of your body. We know how to take care of its proper structure that will nourish the whole body, restoring its natural power. Living water matters in business and in every aspect of your life.


By reducing the negative effects of geopathic radiation and electromagnetic smog, you restore natural harmony in your environment. Strengthen your immunity, increase productivity and improve your sense of comfort.

Sustainable development

Take your business to a new level - take care of your employees and take responsibility for how your company affects the natural environment. We share our knowledge and many years of experience. Become a leader in sustainable solutions - discover SUSTAINTM City System.

With love to nature

All products that you will find in our store are sustainable, reusable and does not contribute to the destruction of our planet. Plastic free, zero waste, emission free.

About AQUAcell

Our brand is a response to the need to return to nature while using the achievements of civilization. We perfectly understand the relationship between man, the planet, and nature’s forces. We use its gifts and restore the natural balance where it is needed the most – in our bodies and their surroundings. The solutions we propose improve the quality of life, health, and well-being. We know that a drop of living water contains a mighty power.

We have been operating in the B2B sector for over a decade. We not only help companies take care of the health and well-being of employees, but our products also contribute to increasing profits while reducing the burden on the environment. We know how to achieve the balance between development and care for the planet. We advise, teach and help change businesses for the better.

Our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle by returning to nature, while respecting the achievements of civilization.

AQUAcell & innovation

AQUAcell supports the development of innovation. We provide technological solutions to the Canna Plants vertical farm. It is a breakthrough approach in the field of vertical farming. Thanks to living water, each plant provides the highest quality raw material. Additionally, the living water used in crops eliminates the need to use artificial plant protection products.
The technology offered by our company is also used in the world’s first Healing Pod. Healing Pod is a capsule that, thanks to internal conditions, causes increased production of stem cells. Research carried out at the Medical University of Gdańsk has shown that living water and the reduction of electromagnetic smog accelerate the regeneration and nourishment of the entire body at the cellular level. Additionally, our technology supports the effects of other natural therapies.

“We use VITA Tronic and AQUA VITA Life in our innovative product – Healing Pod, where living water and reduction of electromagnetic smog influence the whole organism regeneration on a cellular level.”

Co-founder, Papilio Project Ltd.

Our solutions

The AQUA VITA life vitalizer is a patented, hand-made device, tested by doctors and scientists from Austrian universities. While using the water vitalizer, tap water regains its natural structure, becoming more nourishing, tastier, and gentler on the skin. Pure silver and platinum enclosed in the vitalizer resonate with water molecules, improving its quality. Living water promotes healing, reduces fatigue, and is crystal clear. The vitalizer can be used in homes, restaurants, swimming pools, SPA salons, and industrial plants. In agriculture, living water contributes to the faster growth of healthy and strong plants. The device was twice a finalist of the MENA Green Building Awards in 2019 and 2021, and meets over 35 standards of sustainable construction&architecture. It does not require servicing, replacement of parts, or energy source, and does not emit pollutants into the environment.
The VITA Tronic space charger & harmonizer is a device manufactured and patented in Austria. The harmonizer is made of special ceramics with the high silicon content. Inside the device, there is a built-in resonator and a piezoelectric transducer. It works by equalizing the spatial magnetic field and reducing negative geopathic radiation and electromagnetic smog. VITA Tronic eliminates the feeling of fatigue, makes it easier to fall asleep, and activates the immune system. This device is ideal for home, car, and places intended for relaxation – for example, SPA salons or wellness centers.
Aqua Power Water Magnetizer consists of high-quality, permanent magnets that affect the water flowing in the pipe. As a result of their action, calcium crystals are broken. Thus tap water does not leave sediment, while not losing valuable minerals! The use of a magnetizer in the industry contributes to the reduction of machine maintenance costs by over 50%.
FAZUP PATCH is an ultra-thin passive antenna that regulates and reduces radiation from the mobile phone without affecting the quality of the connection. The antenna is easily attached to the phone casing. The product is recommended by doctors and has been approved by the WHO. FAZUP reduces migraines, headaches, ear heating, phone warming, and sleep disturbance caused by exposure to excessive electromagnetic radiation. More and more companies decide to equip their employees with FAZUPs to take care of employees’ health and well-being.
The MY EQUA bottle is a high-quality borosilicate glass product. It was designed by Maja Repotocnik. The designer combined a minimalist shape with unique graphics. The bottle is resistant to high temperatures. Perfect for water, coffee, tea, and other drinks. The comfortable mouthpiece, stainless steel screw cap, and silicone ring make it the perfect choice for everyone. Thanks to it, you will reduce the amount of plastic used and help our planet!