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In its natural environment, water flows through the sand and drills the rocks, which is why it is enriched with a large dose of oxygen, microelements, and minerals – including calcium carbonate. It’s commonly known as chalk or lime. It is responsible for the sediment on taps and sinks. Contrary to common opinion, hard water is not unhealthy! Unfortunately, it contributes to the fast destruction of fittings, home appliances, or machines in production plants.

The Aqua Power water magnetizer naturally, through the use of magnets, affects the water flowing in the pipe, changing the structure of the lime without damaging it and preserving all the valuable minerals contained in the life-giving liquid. Thanks to Aqua Power, tap water does not damage fittings and household appliances, it remains healthy and rich in elements important for the body.

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Why is it worth investing in the Aqua Power Magnetizer

  • less limescale deposits on the fittings
  • saving cleaning agents
  • the possibility of adapting the magnetizer to any type of pipe
  • no running costs
  • works without the addition of chemicals
  • 25-year warranty
  • easy assembly without the need to disassemble the pipes

By using the Aqua Power Magnetizer, you can be sure that all minerals remain in the water. Thus, water hardness tests show the same results as before the application of the system.

The magnetizer is an ideal solution for use in SPA salons or swimming pools, where water is used on a large scale and with many devices on which limescale can be deposited. Thanks to the device, the cost of cleaning is significantly reduced, and the investment pays off in a short time.

The effects are visible to the naked eye – within 2 weeks of installing the Aqua Power device, the amount of limescale drops significantly. The effects are also noticeable when boiling water – the sediment formed after boiling it several times can be removed with a paper towel, without the need to use chemicals.

Benefits for business

How expensive is the maintenance of your industrial machinery? How much do you spend on cleaning products per month?

By using the Aqua Power Magnetizer, you will see a reduction in the amount of limescale and deposits that arise from the use of water. Limescale not only destroys the fittings but also reduces the capacity of the pipes, causing the frequent servicing or replacement of elements.

Thanks to our device, the stone is broken down into microscopic particles that lose the ability to settle in the form of hard, difficult-to-remove impurities. It not only reduces the number of inspections and repairs of machines but also leads to a significant reduction in the chemicals used to maintain cleanliness. You can save as much as 50% on maintenance!

Aqua Power magnetizers are available in various sizes. The optimal model is selected depending on the size of the building and the diameter of the pipes. Please contact us to order a magnetizer – we will help you choose the model adjusted to your needs.

In order to additionally boost and improve the water quality flowing through the pipes, restore its natural structure and regain its natural power, we recommend using the AQUA VITA life vitalizer.

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