Water Vitalizing

Water is the most important component of the human body. We often ignore how important it is for our daily functioning – after all, it flows in the tap and we have enough of it … However, the water available in our taps travels through kilometers of pipes, where it loses its natural structure. The liquid we consume does not nourish the body in the way that living water does. Fortunately, the AQUA VITA life vitalizer restores the natural structure of water, thanks to which it is better absorbed by the entire body. Regain health, well-being and beautiful, moisturized skin. This self-charging wireless water tap is your ticket to a better quality of life.

To order the vitalizer, please contact us.

Benefits for you

  • provides the body with energy and nutrients
  • oxygenates the cells
  • maintains acid-base balance
  • improves enzyme management
  • restores the body’s thermal balance
  • increases the removal of toxins
  • restores the body’s natural immunity

Thanks to Aqua Vita Life, a patented vitalizer and chalk transformer, the water regains its original information structure and optimal energy properties. The functioning of the device has been tested and confirmed by Austrian scientists. The Aqua Vita Life water vitalizer is covered by a 2-year warranty. The device is handcrafted in Austria and is 100% environmentally friendly.

Pure silver and platinum enclosed in the vitalizer resonate with water molecules, and a special colored spectral lens with an appropriate wavelength naturally protects the water against the harmful effects of electrosmog and other types of radiation.

AQUA VITA life water vitalizer can be used on any type of pipe, regardless of whether they are made of plastic, copper, or steel. Optimum water revitalization is possible in a pipe up to 50 m long.

Installation instructions are included with the product. The installation of the device is extremely easy – anyone can do it on their own! The vitalizer does not need to be connected to a power source. To order a vitalizer, please contact us.

Benefits for your business

Did you know that water quality affects your profit?

Swimming pools, SPA salons, or holiday resorts that use our vitalizer have reduced the costs of chemical cleaning agents by 50%!

Thanks to the AQUA VITA life vitalizer used in the agricultural industry, a significant improvement in plant growth has been noted. Additionally, the necessity to use artificial means of plant protection has decreased. In the meat industry, living water has a positive effect on the quality of meat and the immunity of farm animals.

Our services are used by: Rezydencja Wellness PROHARMONIA, Polish Swimming Association, LPP, HOTEL & SPA Kocierz, Silesian Guild of Butchers and Meat Producers in Katowice.

“After a short time of using AQUA VITA life by AQUAcell, we noticed an improvement in water quality, which was also reflected in savings and better operation of machines. The quality of the products manufactured by our company has also increased, mainly due to the long-lasting freshness.”


President of Zakład Wędliniarski Andrzej Stania

The device was a two-time finalist of the MENA Green Building Awards in 2019 and 2021 and meets over 35 standards of sustainable construction&architecture. It does not require servicing, replacement of parts, or energy source, and does not emit pollutants into the environment. Invest in living water – for yourself, your relatives, and your employees.

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