FAZUP PATCH is an ultra thin passive antenna that regulates and reduces radiation from the mobile phone without affecting the quality of the connection. The antenna sould be applied on the phone directly and covered by a protective case to extend its usefulness. It should be placed in the appropriate location, individual for different phone models. The package includes a device for the correct positioning of the sticker.

The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of a mobile phone is a widely recognized measure of the maximum exposure to electromagnetic radiation. This measure shows the amount of energy absorbed by your body and head when using the telephone handset.
The European standard imposes a SAR level of less than 2 watts per kilogram of body weight. With FAZUP PATCH you can reduce SAR by 99%

Radiation protection

  • migraine prevention
  • headaches prevention
  • reduction of the noise occurring in the ears
  • reduction of ear and head heating
  • prevention of seizures and epilepsy
  • reduction of sleep disturbance
  • reduction of phone heat

Do you feel tired after a long conversation on the phone? Do your ear and head skin warm-up? Do you suffer from headaches and sleep disturbances? It may be the result of negative radiation bombarding your body from the level of your cell phone.

FAZUP is a product approved by WHO (World Health Organization) and recommended by doctors. It completely eliminates or significantly reduces the feeling of discomfort during using mobile phones, reducing SAR by 99%.

The product is covered by a 2-year warranty, available in gold and silver, in double and family packages.

Would you like to order FAZUP antennas for your company? Put your logo on them! Contact us and learn about personalization options.

Benefits for business

“Using the VITA Tronic device in our office and 30 passive FAZUP Silver cell phone antennas, we have created a space to which our employees return without thinking about chronic fatigue, headaches, or other frequent pains caused by the environment and work in dead buildings.”

– OLIMPIA PATEJ, Investment Director, LPP SA

“If we intuitively feel that something is dangerous, we can always equip ourselves with fazups recommended by WHO and French doctors.”

-“The fashion for healthy lifestyle is in its full swing” –

Make Life Easier by Katarzyna Tusk

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