Sustainable development

AQUAcell was founded in 2003. The company operates in international markets, ensuring the improvement of water quality, protection against electrosmog, and creating innovative solutions in the field of SUSTAIN ™ City Protocol.


Water is more than just a simple H2O formula. It is the basis of our life on Earth, the development of civilization and the development of the individual. Unfortunately, the water flowing in the pipes is full of impurities and loses its original power. Our mission is to promote water vitalizers, thanks to which everyone can obtain the quality of spring water in their own home – living water that revitalizes, heals, nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Living water has enormous impact on many businesses leading to savings and technological improvement.


Most people on the globe are constantly surrounded by electromagnetic waves emitted by millions of household electrical appliances that create artificial electromagnetic fields. They overlap and create electromagnetic smog. Living afected by smog, we feel decrease in mood, irritation, chronic fatigue and pain. Our mission is to restore harmony and cleanse the space of electromagnetic smog through the use of VITA Tronic harmonizers.


The devices and products available in our store are made of the highest quality natural materials. We provide them with a long-term warranty. Our products and technologies used by our company, fit into the category of zero noise, zero emissions, zero waste, and no plastic lifetime. We care for the natural environment at every step. We also operate in the field of education, consulting, and implementation of systems improving the quality of life under the GreenTECH brand.

AQUAcell for your business

Our solutions are used both in the homes of individual clients as well as in offices, factories, industrial plants, airports, and other public places, creating a healthy urban tissue.

Revitalized, living water is used in industry and agriculture, where it contributes to less damage to machines and healthy, faster growth of plants and animals. Vitalizers, water magnetizers, and harmonizers are also used by corporations, office owners, banks, and government organizations that understand the importance of employee health. Our clients include such companies as LPP, Kocierz, Kapias, Talaria.

If you are looking for sustainable solutions for your company, please contact us!

Take care of your employees

Sick Building Syndrome is a real and scientifically proven threat. Working in “sick” offices, employees experience symptoms ranging from dry eyes, irritation, chronic fatigue, and overwhelming physical pain. Is your office healthy?

Our experience and many years of cooperation with architects and specialists in the field of Green Building allow us to restore health and harmony in office buildings. A properly selected VITA TRONIC harmonizer will eliminate overlapping artificial waves from the rooms. Living water will provide an adequate level of hydration necessary for the proper functioning of the brain.

We also create modern Wellbeing packages for employees, conference participants, or contractors. You can order personalized FAZUP antennas with your logo, MY EQUA bottles, and MINI CAR VITA Tronic harmonizers.

Choose responsibly – take care of people, the planet and the development of your business.



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