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By 2050, 70% of the population will live in cities. The urban tissue is significantly different from the conditions in which our organisms feel best. There is a shortage of trees in the cities, polluted water flows in the pipes, and office buildings are affected by the sick building syndrome… What was originally intended to bring profits begins to generate losses in the form of increased maintenance costs of all installations and increased costs of health care. We need a holistic strategy that will restore health and harmony to cities on many levels without destroying what has already been created. It’s time to create a green, sustainable metropolis.

SUSTAIN™ CITY PROTOCOL (SCP) is an irreplaceable solution for the green building industry. It provides a symbiosis of nature, civilization, and advanced technologies. This is a solution for responsible authorities of cities, communes, or districts. We help government units, local governments, developers, and investors to create a healthy urban tissue based on living water and the elimination of electrosmog.

Our common goal should be to implement solutions that do not hinder the development of urban tissue. What we do in urban centers has an impact on the natural environment and the entire ecosystem of the planet. Modernization or the creation of new buildings should be based on the knowledge and experience of experts in the field of sustainable solutions. We cannot afford the next decisions which the natural environment suffers from.

By limiting the harmful effects of artificial electromagnetic radiation and restoring the structure of water in cities, we are able to achieve the microbiological stability of water, soil, and air.


By using the AQUA VITA life vitalizer, you will gain freshness and strength of spring water, increase in energy value, greater clarity and oxygenation, faster chlorine release, limiting the development of microflora (viruses, bacteria, fungi and algae). Importantly, the device also reduces the consumption of heating and cooling systems as a result of the lack of limescale deposits, which is a measurable benefit for building owners.

Electromagnetic field

VITA Tronic devices within a radius of 50 m to 1 km achieve harmonic alignment of the magnetic field. The frequencies produced by VITA Tronic come into resonance with the Earth’s magnetic field, reducing the negative effects of geopathic radiation and electromagnetic smog.
VITA Tronic provides a change of air ionization, greater efficiency of air conditioning and a feeling of harmony in the room. It is the easiest way to a harmonious, balanced and healthy atmosphere for the green building sector.


GreenTECH is a brand of AQUAcell creators, which implements the technologies globally, builds legislation, and specializes in consulting, providing the best quality of education. GreenTECH believes in cooperation above the competition, for a better tomorrow – all of us and our planet.

An average company located in an office building generates 9 tons of plastic waste a year. The toxins that the material leaches into seawater inhibit the growth and photosynthesis efficiency of bacteria, which are responsible for producing about 20% of the oxygen we breathe. How we take care of water in the city affects the condition of the entire planet. In addition to plastic, chemicals that are used to maintain cleanliness and prevent disease formation are a huge threat to biological balance. In the dead tap water, fungi and bacteria easily multiply. By implementing our structural restoration systems, cities can provide the highest quality tap water for drinking. Live water is also important for installations, swimming pools, fountains, and public spaces – thanks to it we are able to reduce the consumption of chemicals by 70% per year and reduce about 10 tons of plastic waste! These are benefits for the planet and for the city’s budget – a one-time investment generates long-term savings of millions.

A series of studies on the influence of artificial electromagnetic fields (EMF) on the human immune system shows that electromagnetic fields interfere with immune functions by stimulating various allergic and inflammatory reactions, and also negatively affect tissue repair processes. Such disorders increase the risk of various diseases, including cancer. In the city, we are surrounded by artificial waves. Our homes are bombarded by waves produced by routers, computers, tablets, and telephones. Even in parks, we get waves from telephone masts, from nearby restaurants and shops. In offices, the amount of waves is overwhelming. We rely on technology in many respects and it is certainly one of the greatest human achievements. We should not give up on it, we should only wisely protect ourselves against the negative effects of its operation. In cities, the use of harmonizers that eliminate electrosmog is a perfect solution for protection. The devices available in our offer have a different operating range and are able to clear the field of the waves within a kilometer.

Although more and more metropolises separate areas where cars cannot be driven, transport is an important element in the development of any city and will always remain part of its structure. Transport is crucial for the supply of food, travel, work, education, and efficient operation of all aspects of trade and services. SUSTAIN™ City Protocol efficiently reduces the emissions caused by intensive transport, contributing to the improvement of air quality in the city. In airports – indoor air quality and the quality of water used are key aspects of ensuring the comfort of travelers. In addition, the use of living water reduces the costs of maintaining and servicing any devices that use liquid – from coffee machines to washing machines or bathroom fittings.

Public spaces are landmarks of cities. Often it depends on her whether investors are willing to place their money in a given location. From open external spaces, such as parks and squares, to universities, shopping malls, and schools – the maximum safety of residents must be ensured. Living water finds its use in each of these places. We forget how much we rely on it, but none of these places could function without it! The city’s water lines are hidden underground, just like the veins beneath our skin. We don’t see them, but our existence depends on them. It is worth taking care of the cleanliness of these city veins – so that the water from each intake is safe and healthy. Public space also deserves to be cleared of electrosmog – this is the only way to reduce the number of cases of civilization diseases in the population.

Restaurants, hotels, and beauty salons make the city alive. This sector generates a significant part of the profits, therefore entrepreneurs should also take responsibility for the urban fabric and contribute to a positive change for our planet. An example of responsible and innovative decisions can be Chef Reif Kushiyaki, who used our solutions in his restaurants in Dubai. Using the most advanced quantum physics-based water revitalization technology, which increases the resistance of the liquid itself, creating an environment unfriendly to harmful pathogens – i.e. fungi, bacteria, and viruses, Chef provides crystal clear and healthy water to his guests. What’s more, they avoid poisoning with plastic, which, according to the WHO, is found in 93% of bottled water.

Dedicated solutions

Use AQUA VITA life water vitalizer and enjoy fresh, healthy and living water running from your tap! Reduce the consumption of plastic and detergents, and ensure health and immunity for your family.

VITA Tronic harmonizer neutralizes harmful electromagnetic radiation. Solve your problems with sleep. Reduce fatigue and boost immunity.

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