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Today SPA is not only about health. It is also a complex of perfectly synchronized treatments, which after a few days can completely change our mood, rejuvenating the soul and regenerating the body. Water is the basis of our life on Earth. Beautiful and nourished skin, as well as efficient functioning of the entire body, depend on this powerful liquid. It is worth working with living water that reaches every cell, bringing it the best!

By using our solutions in the beauty and SPA industry, in swimming pools, and in saunas, you provide their clients with the highest quality and the best effect of treatments.

AQUA VITA life vitalizing device reduces the content of organic carbon compounds in water, which eliminates the reproduction of microorganisms. As a result, the costs of cleaning the swimming pools are significantly lower. There is no need to use strong chemicals that often harm and irritate the skin. Thanks to the living water, fungi do not grow in the pools and saunas.

In the SPA, the living water structure has a colossal impact on the absorption of creams and the effectiveness of treatments!

In the beauty industry, water is present at every step. It is often the first ingredient of creams, conditioners, and other cosmetics. By using water revitalized with AQUA VITA life vitalizing device, cosmetic manufacturers ensure deep absorption of products and increased absorption of anti-aging ingredients. No wonder it is living water that brings the best results, after all, it accounts for over 60% of our body.

Harmonizers are also used in hotels, wellness salons, luxury beauty salons, and gyms. The harmonizer, reducing electromagnetic smog, prevents the body from being bombarded by artificial waves. In such an environment, the body can truly rest, cells regenerate and the brain regains its natural rhythm. The use of the harmonizer in hotels guarantees guests a good night’s sleep.


The water revitalized thanks to the AQUA VITA life vitalizer, improves lymph circulation, increases oxygenation of the body, normalizes blood pressure, reduces symptoms of skin irritation and allergies, and does not irritate eyes. In addition, it accelerates the absorption of creams and lotions with less consumption. Take care of the beauty of your clients not only by offering the highest quality treatments. Start with the nature – offer them living water.

Deep relaxation

In the 138 years since the first light bulb was turned on, we have changed the frequencies in the environment from one hundred to two hundred million times. We cannot eliminate these changes at the moment, but we are able to neutralize electromagnetic smog. Thanks to VITA Tronic, we restore the natural balance, even in the middle of the polluted city! The device eliminates or significantly reduces the negative influence of the ubiquitous waves that bombard our bodies. As a result, we can fully relax and calm down our entire body & nervous system.


Many years of research prove that revitalizing water with the AQUA VITA life device improves oxygen transport and eliminates anaerobic changes, preventing the formation of unpleasant odors, bacteria, algae and fungi. In addition, it neutralizes radioactive radiation, allows you to reduce cleaning agents and water preservatives by at least 50%, and significantly reduces the limit of the required level of chlorine in swimming pools. Our clients confirm the decrease in operating costs in SPA centers by approximately 50%.

Give your guests something special - Wellbeing Package

Based on our products, you can also create an additional source of income in the form of Wellbeing packages. The elegant gift kit may include a harmonizer, MY EQUA bottle, or FAZUP. It is possible to personalize them with your brand logo. Contact us and take care of your customers by providing them with the best care!

Dedicated solutions

AQUA VITA life water vitalizer - thanks to the device you will reduce costs of chemical cleaning agents!

VITA Tronic will reduce electromagnetic smog and bring harmony into the interior! Reduction of fatigue and harmony in the room can be felt after just 15 minutes!

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