SUSTAIN TM Agriculture Protocol – water in agriculture

What is the water problem?
It rarely flows naturally. We closed it in pipes under an average pressure of three atmospheres, which disturbs the structure of its vibrations after just 70 m. We regulate rivers, build them concrete beds, distancing them more and more from nature. The problem is also that we have more and more high-voltage lines, mobile phone masts and WiFi networks around us, which impose their vibrations on the water. In the 137 years since the first light bulb was turned on, we have changed the frequencies in the environment one hundred to two hundred million times. At the moment, of course, we cannot eliminate it, but we can restore water to its natural frequencies and natural structure.

What are the characteristics of this structure?
Structured water is characterized by the fact that its molecules are arranged in ordered crystalline hexagonal structures, the so-called hexagonal. In nature, water molecules have always been arranged in hexagonal crystals, creating an appropriately ordered space. In this way, we obtain the right vibrations that change the physical parameters of water. Thanks to this, it behaves completely differently, has the ability to self-clean, is better oxygenated, which helps maintain balance in the environment. Most of us still remember Grandfather Frost from our childhood. In winter, during low temperatures, water froze on the glass and created beautiful landscapes, embroideries and paintings, and today it freezes evenly, creating a smooth surface. Nowadays, water rarely creates patterns because it often loses its crystalline structure, but when we restore it, it freezes again into a landscape. For centuries, people caring for water have created structures so that it can swirl, foam and aerate. Ancient catacombs, waterworks in Greece, waterfalls, special wine jugs, Berber tea-making rituals, etc. were intended to maintain or recover the natural vibrations of water. Today, we still have these natural vibrations in oceans, seas, streams and sometimes in rivers. It is becoming more and more difficult to obtain it in swimming pools or artificial ponds.
So how can we return to the natural structure of water?
“Reviving” her. That is, restoring natural frequencies to water. Currently, special vitalizers (AQUA VITA life) are used for this purpose and help with this. The latest devices of this type. Using sophisticated laws of nature, after hanging under the surface, they provide the water with the right information, thus restoring its original structure. As a result, water from the water supply network – purified and then vitalized – changes, regaining the properties of spring water. Our ten-year observations show that vitalizing water in swimming pools by 50-70% accelerates its purification, improves oxygen transport, eliminates anaerobic transformations, facilitates the decomposition of organic matter and intensifies mineralization processes. It effectively neutralizes radioactive radiation, reduces the aggressiveness of chlorine, and prevents the growth of bacteria, algae and fungi.
What impact does this have on agriculture?
Huge. “Revived water” in every body increases the supply of energy and nutrients, oxygenates cells, improves the acid-base balance, and accelerates the removal of toxins. The impact of revitalized water on plant cultivation and animal breeding has been studied not only by farmers, but also by scientists. It is difficult to imagine modern agriculture without vitalized water.
It turns out that the seeds under the influence of such water have an increased germination power. There is better rooting and stronger growth of plants, increased fresh weight, higher yields of fruit and vegetables. In the greenhouses, there was an intensive growth of flowers, and the complete elimination of fungi and algae on the glass panes of the greenhouse and the walls of the foil tunnels. The water in the tanks and cisterns was clean, and the farmers noticed a significant saving in fertilizers and plant protection products.
In 2004, we prepared tests on lettuce and cucumber seedlings ourselves. We designated two identical plots with the same plant population. The first plot was watered with water from the pipeline, the second with the same water, but “animated”. After two months, it turned out that in the first plot, half of the lettuce and cucumber seedlings withered because they were attacked by fungi, and the rest of the plants were poor. However, in the second plot, where the plants were watered with structured water, all of them took root, were vigorous and did not suffer from diseases. This is what happens when structured water deals with bacteria and fungi on an ongoing basis.
A similar situation occurs in animals. They develop better and do not get sick. One of the scientific institutes conducted an interesting experiment on chickens. It turned out that a water vitalization device (acting as an antenna) attached to a water pipe significantly reduces the amount of feed for each kg of body weight gain. In the experimental group drinking vitalized water, a significantly higher content of raw proteins was observed in the meat after slaughter than in the control group drinking regular water.

Author: Dr. Grazyna Pajak

Biologist, master of natural therapies, nutritionist and researcher at ZBW P.A.N. For twenty-five years he has been involved in the study of water, its structure, renaturation and environmental impact. 

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