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Water plays a key role in agriculture. Without it, the soil cannot produce crops – it is obvious. However, it is not only the availability of water that matters, but also its condition! Thanks to the use of our technologies, customers have noticed a significant improvement in the quality and quantity of crops and a reduction in overall production costs.

The products delivered by AQUAcell play a key role in regenerative agriculture, which is all about the protection and restoration of farmland and its surrounding ecosystems. It is a way of producing sustainable food that is closely related to the use of water. Living water contributes to the reduction of chemical pesticides. As a result, poisonous substances do not get into the soil and groundwater.

The vitalizer, magnetizer, and harmonizer also play a great role in horticulture and vertical agriculture, systems of roof farming, and in aquaponic farming. Wherever water is supposed to nourish plants, our devices save this valuable resource. At the same time, plants are more resistant to fungi and bacteria, sprout faster, and do not require intensive fertilization.

One of the examples of the use of our products is the Canna Plantas farm, which uses the AQUA VITA life water vitalizer and the VITA Tronic harmonizer. By using revitalized water, plantation owners noted energy savings, which is crucial in the case of vertical farms. In addition, 100% healthy crops were confirmed – this result translates into profits and customer satisfaction.
AQUAcell is the creator of SUSTAIN™ AGRITECH – it is a protocol based, in the basic version, on living water and irrigation, and in a more advanced version, on the neutralization of electrosmog in the cultivation space. The use of our protocol has an impact on the quality of the harvest, easier transport, longer plant life, as well as seed quality, durability, reduced amount of fertilizers, and consequently, increased nutritional value of the produced food.

Working with Greentree, we also provide recyclable packaging, which guarantees a competitive advantage for farmers. What does this mean in practice? Thanks to us, farmers can develop export to European Union countries and the USA. The packaging we provide will turn into fertilizer. Using recyclable packaging is aligned with the principles of sustainable agriculture and development.

Water is always in use wherever a man works on a large scale.
The implementation of our devices is used in many industries:
– food production,
– high-tech industries,
– heavy industry,
– service economy,
– machine and automotive industry,

– transport.

Revitalizing the water with the AQUA VITA life vitalizing translates into large savings in chemicals in all production and purification processes. A one-time investment in the device means many years of profits!

The implementation of the Aqua Power Magnetizer ensures the elimination of calcium deposits and rust depositing in the pipes of water supply systems, heating and cooling devices, as well as limiting the microflora in air conditioning and eliminating unpleasant odors associated with production.

Thanks to our systems, the maintenance costs of the installation are also reduced. The service intervals are lengthened and energy and fuel consumption are significantly reduced. Reports from all companies that already use our solutions show that the installation of water revitalization equipment in all these areas leads to significant savings, which positively affect the financial results of the entire company.

In addition to measurable financial benefits, our technology contributes to the care of the natural environment. This, in turn, has a positive effect on the company’s image as an eco-friendly enterprise.


Research (2004) was carried out on lettuce and cucumber seedlings. Two identical plots with the same plant population were watered with water from the same pipeline. One of them was watered directly from the intake, the other with water revitalized using the AQUA VITA life device. After two months, on the first plot half of the lettuce and cucumber seedlings were attacked by fungi and the plants were in a poor condition. In the second plot, where the plants were watered with living water, almost all of the seedlings were fertile and did not get infected by fungi. This proves that structured water has an impact on the harvest and quality of produced food.


The use of our devices in the industry extended the service life of the machines by an average of 25%. There has been a reduction in corrosion and up to 30% of failures in water-using equipment were eliminated. n addition, electricity consumption decreased. Efficiency in washing systems increased while using a lower temperature. Additionally, the consumption of chemical cleaning agents was reduced by 50%.

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AQUA VITA life water vitalizer - thanks to the device you will get a greater yield and your farm animals will gain natural immunity.

Aqua Power water magnetizer - thanks to the device you will avoid problems resulting from limescale deposits on machines, tanks and pipes.

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