H30 – How much depends on water

Never before have we felt such a great need to improve our well-being and quality of life.

The time has come when health promotion and learning to care for the body, mind and spirit have become not only fashionable, but even a necessity. The increasing pace of life, stress, lack of exercise, increasing amount of exhaust fumes, electromagnetic smog and noise must be balanced with conscious and effective relaxation and rest.

Research of the last twenty years in the field of quantum physics and biology clearly proves that everything in the universe vibrates constantly.

In nature, there is constant communication through vibrations, and assimilation in the body takes place not only at the chemical level, but also at the electromagnetic level. According to scientists, the human body makes 570 trillion vibrations per second; however, no part of our body functions independently at the level of elementary particles. Transformations in the body occur so quickly that we end up replacing more than 90% of all matter in a year. Therefore, health and well-being are maintained through a continuous renewal process. Anything that interferes with this leads to the systematic destruction of cells, i.e. premature aging and the development of diseases. Recent studies confirm that the more toxins we have in the body, the more difficult the exchange of information, the worse the transport of nutrients and the slower the renewal of cells. Increasing isolation from the natural environment and improper nutrition, including drinking little water, affect our well-being and, over time, our health.

Water constitutes as much as 70-75% of our body and is the best carrier of information between cells.

Health depends on the harmonious flow of energy in the body, but its circulation itself depends largely on the quantity and quality of water consumed. As science developed, water was stripped of its aura of mystery, the grandmothers who told fairy tales about magical springs disappeared, and Grandpa Frost, who painted patterns on the windows, disappeared. Making sure that unscientific formulations do not appear in textbooks, with the development and progress we have reduced water to the level of a substance that can be treated instrumentally. We leave school with the belief that water is a chemical compound consisting of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom with the simple chemical formula H2O. In the 20th century, water was thoroughly tested chemically. Specialists began to artificially preserve it and clean it chemically and mechanically. As a result, in highly developed countries we most often consume water of low quality, chemically treated and energy dead. Moreover, it is often stored in plastic, paper, Styrofoam or metal containers, and not as our ancestors did, who, intuitively appreciating the role of water, placed it in wonderful jugs, vases and amphorae made of the noblest metals and ceramics with a high silicon content.

Over time, the canalization and confinement of water in ordinary cast iron, steel and synthetic pipes stretching many kilometers in a straight line, disturbed its natural structure and limited the access of air. Research conducted at the University of Vienna has proven that today, due to pressure in the pipes, 98% of all households have energy-dead water. The oxygen content is also lower than in the natural environment.

Nowadays, water in the water supply network is hygienically clean thanks to continuous sanitary control,

but that doesn’t mean she’s healthy.

Water companies provide us with drinking water whose toxin content most often does not exceed the legal limits. However, this is no guarantee for maintaining health and well-being. Carbon-ceramic or osmotic filters and distillers used in water production make it clean, but at the same time… dead. However, scientific experiments have shown that chemically polluted water, after purification, still emits electromagnetic waves with wavelengths characteristic of the removed substances. Then we do not have, for example, chlorine, cadmium, lead, aluminum, etc. in the water, but inappropriate vibrations still remain and… are harmful.

Unfortunately, removing mechanical and chemical contaminants from water is not enough – it is necessary to restore the proper electromagnetic information it has in nature. Natural water with its original structure is the one found in glaciers, pristine rivers and clean lakes. In the natural environment, it is subject to the influence of the Earth’s magnetic field, the sun’s rays, the moon’s rays, it flows through various types of rocks, dances with the wind, waves, foams, falls into whirlpools, and falls in cascades. Constant movement and all other factors affect its renewal. Then it carries enormous amounts of energy and information, which it transmits to all living organisms. Scientific publications from the end of the 20th century prove that water without energy, or energy-poor, does not show any ordered structures. In turn, energetically valuable water has a crystalline structure, the so-called hexagonal. When frozen, it forms beautiful crystals (always on the basis of a hexagon), which, undergoing vertical compaction, build characteristic groupings that resemble quartz crystals in arrangement. As Masaru Emoto proved, freezing tap water, at its current load, usually does not restore its original structure.

Experiments have shown that incorrect information recorded in water can be deleted. There is a way to quickly and efficiently restore lost energy to water. The AQUA VITA life device, produced in Austria and known for seven years, is used for this purpose. This device has many advantages: thanks to the use of AQUA VITA life, the amount of oxygen dissolved in water increases, reduction processes intensify, and the pH value changes favorably. More than that, it reduces the use of detergents and chemicals, eliminates calcium deposits and rust lingering in pipes. It has a positive effect on the quality of air conditioning, removes unpleasant odors and prevents the formation of any odor. AQUA VITA life, using sophisticated laws of nature, provides water with the right information, thus restoring its original structure. Water from the water supply network – purified and then vitalized, changes, regaining the properties of spring water. Many years of research show that vitalizing water in swimming pools 50-70% accelerates its purification, improves oxygen transport, eliminates anaerobic metabolism, facilitates decomposition of organic matter and intensifies mineralization processes. Effectively reduces the aggressiveness of chlorine, does not allow the growth of bacteria, algae and fungi.

“Revived water” in every body increases the supply of energy and nutrients, oxygenates cells, improves the acid-base balance, and accelerates the removal of toxins. Energy-appropriate, structurally ordered water carries enormous amounts of energy and information, which it transmits to all living organisms. It plays a very beneficial, although still unaware and underestimated, role in the functioning of the environment. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine modern sports, wellness, spa or aesthetic medicine centers without such water. SPA of the 21st century is not only about health through water, it is also a complex of perfectly synchronized treatments that, after a few days, can completely change our well-being, restoring inner peace and life energy. To achieve such a state, even the best program is not enough when dead, energy-deprived or energy-poor water flows from the tap, and the roofs are covered with cell phone masts.

Author: Dr. Grazyna Pajak

Biologist, master of natural therapies, nutritionist and researcher at ZBW P.A.N. For twenty-five years he has been involved in the study of water, its structure, renaturation and environmental impact.

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