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MCVT – space charger balance your space in the car, drive more sustainable

MCVT – hi-tech device to increase your comfort of driving and reduce carbon footprint making you the most sustainable driver ever

Technology is moving forward much faster than changes in human DNA. Every few weeks we have more applications, systems, updates and devices at our disposal. Inside, a modern car has around 7 km of cables and various types of cables that control navigation, braking system, traction, headrest screens, alarm, seat heating, window defrosting and other inventions that in the past the driver could only dream of.

All these systems generate electromagnetic radiation, which is not beneficial to health and already absolutely deprives the driver of driving comfort – which is especially noticeable on further routes. Headaches, muscle fatigue, drowsiness, dry skin, watery eyes are just a few symptoms, which is responsible for the EMI or electromagnetic smog.

Exposure to electromagnetic pollution in a car is often neglected. Although research and even the experience of the people concerned show that modern technologies in vehicles cause an increase in radiation levels and electro-smog.

The number of cars on the road is still growing in developed countries. Constant traffic jams and detours, the changing mode of work and everyday life means that we spend more and more time inside vehicles, isolated from the natural environment.

In modern cars, approximately 8km of cables are assembled. Vehicles packed with electronics, from the on-board computer, through the radio, CD players, DVDs, GPSs, chargers, monitors built into the headrests or additional antennas, are a source of continuous electromagnetic smog.

Regardless of the vehicle you own – even the most luxurious – man still remains an organic unit made of 70% water – the best frequency transmitter. So even if it seems to us that the subject does not apply to us, however, everyone knows that bathing in a bathtub with a dryer is not the best idea, as well as climbing high mountain during a storm during which we have a cell phone with data transfer and metal elements.

What to do ? What solutions do we have? In the world of innovations growing like mushrooms after the rain there is certainly something that can be an antidote or even act as a contraceptive? I mean prophylactically? Advanced technology created based on military knowledge allows us to enjoy 100% driving. We know every guy wants to feel like James Bond and here’s the MCVT.

MINI CAR VITA Tronic is a device that in a radius of 12 meters spreads frequencies that neutralize the negative impact of all kinds of technology, which is packed with our vehicle. How is this happening? Ceramics with a high content of silicon from which the devices are built and their shape make MCTV a resonator. Inside there is a glass tachyon and an electronically controlled piezoelectric transducer. The transducer provides the resonator and tachyon with basic vibrations.


Thanks to this, the equipment normalizes the electromagnetic field within a radius of 12 meters. Therefore, we provide ourselves with balance in the interior of the vehicle, but also by moving we neutralize such threats as e.g. water veins on the route – black spots known to every driver are most often located in places where we have rock faults or other terrain disturbances, which depending on the season of the year more or less dangerous.

By neutralizing EMI, we also improve the structure of liquids and fuels, thanks to which the car burns less, keeping the engine in mega form for a long time. And if you are an eco maniac, you can proudly attribute to yourself a lower carbon foot print generation even though you don’t drive an electric car because the fuel is burned in such a way that it emits much less CO2 into the atmosphere.

Forget about fungus in the AC and the classic smell of musty rag, which is the result of the development of microorganisms in air conditioning, ventilation and filters. Water, which MCTV restores the structure has a higher resistance so that it does not grow in it fungi, viruses, bacteria that cause colds, watery eyes, flu, weakness, runny nose, allergies.

So by placing the device in a car, you can ensure a comfortable ride for a long time and reach a distant destination in full strength, which will be useful for exploring a new place or during the next ultra-important business meeting. And here is another benefit! The device has a wall or USB plug so you can also use it in a hotel or other place where we chose accommodation.