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How to bring the nature into a civilized world ?

The need for improving our health condition and life comfort has never been so evident as nowadays.
Nowadays promoting health, the knowledge of caring for the body, mind and spirit have become not only a fashion but in fact a necessity.

The growing speed of life, stress, no movement, increasing volume of exhaust fumes, the electromagnetic smog and noise need to be balanced by conscious and effective relaxation and rest.

The quantum physics and biology research of the last 20 years clearly proves that in the universe everything vibrates continuously.

In nature there is continuous communication by means of vibrations, and in the body it takes place not only on chemical but also electromagnetic level. Scientists say that human body makes 570 billion vibrations a second; while no part of our body at the elementary molecules level does not function on its own. The body transformations occur so fast that as an effect over 90%of the entire matter is exchanged in a year. That is why health and wellbeing can be maintained by the continuous regeneration process. Everything that hinders this leads to systematic damage of cells, i.e. premature aging and disease intensification. The most recent research confirms that the more toxins we have in the body, the worse is the transportation of nutrients and slower the cell regeneration. The increasing isolation from natural environment, wrong nutrition, including drinking too little water, are reflected in mood, and sometimes also health condition.