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How much depends on water

The need for improving our health condition and life comfort has never been so evident as nowadays.
Nowadays promoting health, the knowledge of caring for the body, mind and spirit have become not only a fashion but in fact a necessity.

The growing speed of life, stress, no movement, increasing volume of exhaust fumes, the electromagnetic smog and noise need to be balanced by conscious and effective relaxation and rest.

The quantum physics and biology research of the last 20 years clearly proves that in the universe everything vibrates continuously.

In nature there is continuous communication by means of vibrations, and in the body it takes place not only on chemical but also electromagnetic level. Scientists say that human body makes 570 billion vibrations a second; while no part of our body at the elementary molecules level does not function on its own. The body transformations occur so fast that as an effect over 90%of the entire matter is exchanged in a year. That is why health and wellbeing can be maintained by the continuous regeneration process. Everything that hinders this leads to systematic damage of cells, i.e. premature aging and disease intensification. The most recent research confirms that the more toxins we have in the body, the worse is the transportation of nutrients and slower the cell regeneration. The increasing isolation from natural environment, wrong nutrition, including drinking too little water, are reflected in mood, and sometimes also health condition.

Water constitutes as much as 70-75% of our body and it is the best carrier of information between cells.

With the science development water has been deprived of its secrets, grandmas do no tell stories any more about magic springs, grandmas there is no more grandpa frost painting patterns on window. We make sure that school manuals have strictly scientific wording, together with development and progress, we have reduced water to the substance level that can be treated instrumentally. We leave school convinced that water is a chemical compound of two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen, with a simple chemical formula H2O. In the 20th century water has been thoroughly tested chemically. Specialists started to preserve it artificially and treat chemically and mechanically. As an effect, in highly developed countries we often drink low quality, chemically treated, and energetically dead water. Moreover, commonly stored in plastic, paper, polystyrene or metal containers, unlike our ancestors used to do, who instinctively would place water in wonderful jugs, vases and pitchers, made of precious stones and ceramics, with high silicon content.

With time, piping and closing water in common iron cast, steel or plastic pipes running horizontally for many kilometres, disturbed its natural structure and limited the air access. The research carried out in the University of Vienna has proven that nowadays, by means of pressure, 98% of all the households are supplied with energetically dead water. Also its oxygen content is lower than in the natural environment.

Nowadays pipeline water is subject to continuous sanitary control and is hygienically clean, which does not necessarily make it healthy.

Water supply companies provide potable water with the toxin content usually not exceeding the legally foreseen limits. But this is not any guaranty of maintaining good health or wellbeing. Carbon ceramic filters or osmotic filters, distillers used for water production make it clean, but also… dead. Scientific experiments have proven that chemically contaminated water upon treatment keeps emitting electromagnetic waves of the frequencies characteristic for the eliminated substances. Then water is free from, e.g. chloride, cadmium, lead, aluminium, etc., but the wrong vibrations are still there and … keep making harm. Mechanical and chemical water treatment is unfortunately not enough – it is necessary to restore its proper electromagnetic information, as foreseen in nature.

Natural water with primary structure is the one that occurs in icebergs, virgin rivers and clean lakes. In the natural environment it is subject to the Earth magnetic field, solar and lunar beams, it flows through various rock types, dances with the wind, makes waves, foam, whirls, and falls in cascades.

Continuous movement and all the other factors determine its renewal. Then it involves enormous deposits of energy and information transmitted to living organisms. Scientific publications from the end of the 20th century prove that water deprived of energy or energetically scarce does not show any ordered structures.

While energetically valuable water has crystal, so called hexagonal structure. Upon freezing it forms beautiful crystals (always with hexagonal base) that are vertically concentrated, building characteristic grouping resembling the layout of silicon crystals. As proven by Masaru Emoto, freezing pipeline water, with its present burden, usually does not restore its original structure.
Experiments have proven that wrongly written information can be deleted from water. There is a fast and efficient way of restoring the lost energy of water. This can be achieved by known for 7 years AQUA VITA lire produced in Austria. This device has many advantages: by means of using AQUA VITA life the quantity of oxygen dissolved in water is increased, the reduction processes are intensified, the pH value improves. Moreover, the use of detergents and chemicals is reduced; calcium and rust deposits are eliminated from pipes. It improves the quality of air-conditioning, eliminates unpleasant smells and prevents any odour development.

AQUA VITA life, by using refined natural laws, transmits proper information to water, thus restoring its original structure. Pipeline water, treated and then vitalized, changes, restoring the properties of spring water. Years of research show that vitalizing water in swimming pools accelerates their treatment by 50-70 % improves the cleaning and the oxygen transport, eliminates oxygen free transformations, facilitates organic matter decomposition and intensifies mineralization processes. It efficiently reduces the chloride aggressiveness, preventing development of bacteria, algae and fungi. The “vitalized” water increases flow of energy and nutrients in each body, oxygenates the cells, improves the acid-alkali balance, accelerates the toxin elimination.

Energetically appropriate, structurally ordered water involves immerse deposits of energy and information, transmitted to all living organisms.

It plays very beneficial, even though still not conscious, role in the environment function. That is why one can hardly imagine modern sports, wellness, spa or aesthetic medicinecentres without such water. The 21st century spa means not only health through water, but also a complex of perfectly synchronized treatments that entirely change our condition in just a few days, restoring the inner peace and life energy. To be able to achieve this, even the best programme is not sufficient, if water flowing from the tap is dead, deprived of energy or energetically scarce, and the roofs are covered by cellular antenna towers.